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This is our plan for West Yorkshire North


  • What we will do:
    • We will get better and better at all that we do for girls.
    • Enable and support the delivery of quality guiding at grass roots level.
    • We will listen to our commissioners, leaders and girls in order to provide events and activities which extend and enhance the programmes delivered in units, district and divisions and which cannot be easily delivered at unit, district division level i.e. adventure day at WYNCHES, sailing at REVA.
    • We will increase the number of training slots attended by our leaders across the County year on year.
    • We will encourage the growth and promote awareness and support in order to recruit roles such as trainers, mentors, commissioners, advisers.
  • We will do this by:
    • Providing a calendar of trainings and events which respond to the needs of our leaders as well as the needs of the Association.
    • Gaining feedback and evaluation from our leaders.
    • Producing a robust Leadership pathway which details all the steps from first adult volunteer enquiry to fully qualified leader and all roles in between i.e. unit helper.
    • Record the numbers of Leaders Attending Trainings:
      • First Response
      • Safe Space
      • Rainbow
      • Brownie
      • Guide
      • Senior Section
      • Residential Update
      • GO /Join Us
      • Accounts and Gift Aid
      • Crafts
      • Leadership
      • Games and songs
    • Record the numbers of girls attending events
      • Survival
      • Badge Weekend
      • Adventure Days
      • Water days
      • Scamps
      • BP


  • What we will do:
    • We will work together to ensure that more girls from all backgrounds benefit from what we do.
    • Continue to increase and grow young membership and volunteer leaders.
    • Retain existing leaders.
    • Promote flexible guiding throughout the county.
    • Identify areas in our county where we can promote and extend guiding specifically vulnerable and hard to reach areas.
  • We will do this by:
    • Providing data detailing how many units and members (twice yearly).
    • Ensuring we provide a welcome to all adult volunteers.
    • Striving towards providing flexible guiding i.e. weekend or holiday guiding.
    • Providing tailor made training sessions for leaders unable to attend weekend trainings.
    • Providing a thanks and recognition event annually.


  • What we will do:
    • We will listen to girls and promote their voice.
    • We will increase and expand the ways we ensure our young members input into activities, events and opportunities within the County.
    • We will increase our involvement at Country, NEE and County level of youth participation programmes.
  • We will do this by:
    • Ensuring wherever possible young people are involved in the organisation of activities in the county.


  • What we will do:
    • We will work collaboratively to improve our processes and decision making.
    • We will ensure all activities are underpinned by best use of resources which includes finance, people and assets.
    • We will support the employment of a staff member to support the County with the various levels of administration.
    • We will ensure we have a risk register which provides a business resilience plan i.e. WYNCHES.
    • We will review our county structure and governance to ensure they support our vision as well as legal and statutory duties of the charity.
  • We will do this by:
    • Ensuring that the county has the right infrastructure in place to support the delivery of our plan.