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Starting Brownies


When a girl starts Brownies, she joins a small group called a Six. This gives her a ready-made circle of friends. She also may receive Becoming a Brownie, an activity book that contains the Brownie story and helps her understand what Brownies is all about.


The Brownie activity programme

The Brownie Adventure has three areas:

  •    You
  •    Community
  •    World

You: Brownies develop confidence and self-esteem through having new experiences and learning new skills. They build friendships and learn to share and cooperate with others by working together in small groups called 'Sixes'. They get a say in what happens at Brownies through discussions or 'Pow-wows', which help them develop decision-making skills and the ability to put their views across.

Community: We encourage girls to become active citizens by helping them understand and participate in their communities. This could mean raising money for charities or visiting local places of interest.

World: Our programme encourages girls to learn about the wider world. Activities could involve celebrating a festival from a different culture, finding out about endangered animal species, or learning how they can combat climate change.


Leaving Brownies

Towards the end of her time at Brownies, a Brownie may be introduced to the Brownies Go For It! resource. It is similar to Guide Go For It! resources, which give groups of girls more freedom to choose their own activities. The activities will encourage her to find out about Guides as well as develop skills such as team work and decision-making. Brownies often move on at the end of a term, so it's likely that some of her friends will be moving with her.