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Starting Guides


The Guide programme is structured to enable Guides to participate in activities in five zones. All programme zones should be covered over a period of time.

Typically, Patrols will use a number of activities from a Go For It! pack for each zone and work their way through these. From time to time, the Leader may spot an opportunity to extend the programme or to help the Guides gain more from an activity by using her own knowledge and expertise.


The Guide activity programme

The Guide programme is divided into five areas:

  •        healthy lifestyles
  •        global awareness
  •        skills and relationships
  •        celebrating diversity
  •        discovery of new experiences and challenges


Healthy lifestyles

To encourage in Guides a healthy lifestyle by promoting physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Areas covered could include:

  •        body image
  •        healthy eating
  •        exercise
  •        smoking
  •        drug awareness
  •        mental health issues


Global awareness

To increase awareness of global issues and of the contribution each Guide can make. Areas covered could include:

  •        travel
  •        refugees
  •        the environment
  •        citizenship
  •        development education
  •        world issues
  •        international activities


Skills and relationships

To develop Guides’ self-confidence and self-worth and to improve their interpersonal and life skills. Topics covered could include:

  •        communication skills
  •        conflict resolution
  •        rights and responsibilities
  •        faith and personal values
  •        teamwork
  •        self-reliance
  •        self-esteem


Celebrating diversity

To promote active citizenship in Guides and to develop their awareness of rights and responsibilities for all. Topics covered could include:

  •        discrimination
  •        community action
  •        cross-community links
  •        disability awareness
  •        gender stereotypes



To challenge Guides with new experiences and adventure. Areas covered could include:

  •        visiting places
  •        new experiences
  •        creative and adventurous activities
  •        learning new skills