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The Sheila Marks Laurel Award

A special presentation took place in Christchurch on Thursday 18th February 2016. Julie Smith, County Commissioner for West Yorkshire North came to award Elaine Hiley a prestigious trophy for her exceptional services to Guiding.

Elaine H

There is a bit of history to this award and presenting it in Christchurch had particular relevance.

The correct name for the trophy is 'The Sheila Marks Laurel Award'. Many people in Ilkley will remember Sheila who among her many community based activities was a Guide Leader in Christchurch, became Division Commissioner, County Commissioner and later County President. For these services to Guiding Sheila was awarded one of the highest accolades, namely The Laurel Award. When she died some years ago, her relatives gave this award to the County and it was incorporated in the trophy to be awarded annually to a deserving person.

This year Elaine Hiley is the recipient to the delight of all of us in Rombalds District. Elaine has been Leader with 1st Ilkley Guides for more than 20 years, she was County Commissioner and became a Centenary Champion for GirlGuiding in 2010 when a hundred years of Guiding was celebrated.

World Wide. Still very active, she mentors much need new Leaders.

Congratulations Elaine.